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Project Description
A Universal Windows Platform Client Server Socket Library to send and receive a string interpreted as a command and a parameter. Sample app included


This project provides a UWP Client Server Socket Library based upon the Windows 10 UWP SDK Socket example.

It provides a Listener (Server) and a Client.

There is a sample app, two instances of which can be run on separate systems (Desktop, phone or IoT-Core), with one being set to be the server and the other as the client, at runtime.  These roles can be switched at runtime.

The client has a keypad (actually the listener does as well but except for a few app commands are ignored) which when pressed can connect or disconnect the client (start server and discard it on the server instance). Other buttons send a command as string from the client to the server. The server library fires a command event when a valid message is received that can be handled by the app.

A common passkey is used as authentication which is passed as a prefix to the message from the client and expected at the server end. Also the common TCPIP port must be know by both apps. The listener can be set to only accept messages from a specific IP address.

asyc await cancel mechanism has been implemented.


  • A physical keypad to be added for Iot-Core instances
  • A matching Bluetooth version of this functionality
  • A Windows 10 Phone App that uses the library for remote control of photo taking.


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